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August 2015

Happy Anniversary to ARCH!

Reflecting on our past 5 years of milestones, seeing our team grow from 2 to now 24 full time staff and teachers in Hong Kong and 300+ globally; we can only anticipate an equally if not more exciting journey in the coming 5 years and more! Read our latest Anniversary Issue to see how much ARCH has grown and what we have achieved! 

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July 2014

Despite rising admissions competition, we are happy to share our students’ record breaking results this year including outstanding achievements with scholarships!

Halfway through 2014, the year has already marked several milestones for ARCH. In addition to successfully hosting the largest interschool mock trial competition and our co-founder’s launch of the top best seller “Boarding Schools: All You Need To Know”, ARCH has been appointed the Teaching Institute for the University of London International Foundation Programme which will be delivered at ARCH premises starting in September 2014! Read on and see how we support and guide our students through our comprehensive offerings and synergy approach!

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February 2014

Whilst we all absolutely loved our boarding school experience, we also recognize the option may not be appropriate for all our students.

Given we are not placement agencies, we are able to provide objective guidance that is in-line with our students’ best interests. We also know our students well through our enrichment programs, and therefore are often able to advice on whether UK or US is more appropriate for potential jurisdiction choice. We will be providing our students with comprehensive guidance by leveraging our global network and local expertise. Read on and see what our team and our students have to say about their experiences applying to and excelling at boarding schools! What are the key skills students need to nurture to succeed? 

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September 2013

Welcome to the first ever issue of the ARCH Bulletin - The Debut! This bi-annual issue covers topics ranging from admission tips, mock trial competition at HKU, sharing from successful applicants and instructors.

We hope the bulletin will give you more information about ARCH's recent developments and serve as a platform for readers to hear and learn from our students, instructors and educators within the ARCH network.

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Our latest publications on education trends.

Boarding Schools: All you need to know

Victoria Davies Jones & Jennifer Ma

It took 14 months of research, 60+ school visits, 500+ interviews, and finally, Jennifer Ma and Victoria Davies Jones launched their book “Boarding Schools: All You Need To Know” at IFC Dymocks in Hong Kong on May 9, 2014!

Ranked Top Best Seller for several weeks on the South China Morning Post book chart, the book has attracted positive reviews including one by Ms Libby Wong, former government official and highly acclaimed literary commentator; as well as coverage by SCMP Good Schools Guide, Tatler Schools Feature, Jessica, Simply Fabulicious, Sassy Mama, RTHK and more.

With a focus on UK boarding schools, the book is also relevant to boarders in other countries, with sections highlighting differences in considerations and admissions process for schools in US, Canada, Australia. The bo...

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