2016/17 UK | US University Admissions Results

Posted On 06.04.2017 | Arch Sharing

ARCH Admissions Counseling Team is very proud to guide our students to achieve record breaking UK/US admissions results!

Congratulations to ARCH students on receiving multiple offers/ acceptances from top UK and US universities! Our global admissions guidance team has helped students prepare for the increasingly competitive admissions process and our students received offers and scholarships from their dream schools! We are proud to announce that our students received 125 Oxbridge and Top London Universities Offers and 80% of our students were accepted to Ivy League, 1st choice & Top 15 US Universities. 

Top 20 UK Universities Offers: US Universities Acceptances:
University of Cambridge* Boston College (5)
University of Oxford Boston University (4)
Kings College London (KCL)* Brown University (1)
Imperial College London (IC)* Carneige Mellon University (2)
London School of Economics (LSE) Claremont McKenna College (1)
University College London (UCL) Columbia University (2)
Queen Mary University of London (QM)* Cornell University (4)
Royal Holloway University of London Dartmouth College (2)
St Georges University of London* Emory University (2)
University of Bath Georgetown University (2)
University of Bristol* Georgia Institute of Technology (2)
University of Cardiff* Johns Hopkins University (1)
University of Durham New York University (3)
University of Edinburgh Northwestern University (1)
University of Exeter* Smith College (1)
University of Manchester* University of California Berkeley (4)
University of Nottingham* University of California Los Angeles (9)
University of Sheffield* University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (4)
University of St Andrews* University of Chicago (3)
University of Warwick University of Michigan (2)
* Includes offers for Architecture or Medicine University of Notre Dame (1)
  University of Pennsylvania (4)
  University of Rochester (3)
  University of Southern California (4)
  Washington University in St. Louis (1)
  Wellesley College (2)
  Wesleyan University (2)



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"I know I couldn't have achieved what I achieved today without your help. [From] four years ago during my boarding school applications, to now helping me with my college application, I am so grateful for your guidance and support throughout my secondary/high school life."
G.H., University of Pennsylvania

"ARCH provided all-rounded guidance in every element of the application process. Both my academic and presentation ability was greatly enhanced through tailor-made sessions. ARCH tutors truly understood my needs and shared with me their invaluable experiences. I am so grateful that ARCH encouraged me to start this journey and offered the most appropriate support." 
J.T., Cambridge Offer Holder in Economics