2018/19 Oxbridge Admissions Results

Posted On 01.02.2019 | Arch Sharing

Super congratulations to this year’s 35+ successful offer holders for Oxford, Cambridge, and early offers from top HK and UK medical schools!

Oxbridge offers once again span across a broad range of humanities and sciences subjects, with 94% | 72% of students passing the Cambridge and Oxford aptitude tests (on average 40% more than peer average)!

Amidst continued challenges of getting into Oxbridge (including heightened global competition, increased focus on state school recruitment, more stringent international quotas for medicine) and considering we do not pre-screen our applicants, we are proud to announce we have upheld our strong track record this year. Including pooled candidates, 43% of our applicants were assessed to have reached Oxbridge acceptance benchmark.

We look forward to updating our full set of results in March/April when all the London offers and regular Medicine offers are collected!

Congratulations to our Oxbridge Offer Holders!

A.L. – Oxford – Music

A.T. – Oxford – PPE

B.J. – Cambridge – Land Economy

C.G. – Cambridge – Geography

C.L. – Oxford – Archaeology & Anthropology

D.W. – Cambridge – Engineering

E.T. – Cambridge – Engineering

E.W. – Cambridge – Law

F.A. – Cambridge – Law

H.M. – Cambridge – Land Economy

J.T. – Cambridge - HSPS

J.Y. – Cambridge – History

J.L. – Cambridge – Psychology

K.W. – Cambridge – Land Economy

S.H. – Cambridge – Economics

T.C. – Cambridge – Land Economy

V.W. – Cambridge – Education

*Celebrating to date Jan 31 2019.

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