ARCH Center Resumes Onsite Lessons from Jun 1

Posted On 27.05.2020 | New Offerings

With Hong Kong turning to a period of new normal, ARCH is preparing to resume our onsite lessons starting from 1 Jun 2020 (Monday) by following the schedule recommended by EDB as follows:

Date of Class Resumption at ARCH

Secondary School

Primary School

1 Jun (Monday)

S.3 – S.5/ Year 10-12/ Grade 9-11


8 Jun (Monday)

S.1 – S.2/ Year 8-9/ Grade 7-8

P.4-P.6/ Year 5-7/ Grade 4-6

15 Jun (Monday)


P.1-P.3/ Year 2-4/ Grade 1-3

Parents can decide if their children should take onsite lessons or keep their online lessons with the teachers.  Please contact our customer service representative to register for onsite lessons by May 29 (Fri).

In view of guidelines provided by EDB and our concern for health of both students and staff, we have implemented the following health measures to maintain a safe learning environment for everyone.

On ARCH campus:

  1. Automatic temperature checking stations at entrance.  Kindly note that no one will be allowed to attend class when his/her body temperature is above 37.5°C
  2. Hand sanitizers available at the lobby and inside every classroom
  3. Regular disinfection of classroom furniture and fixtures
  4. Facemask protection for on duty staff
  5. Travel declaration from all staff
  6. All waiting areas are now open to students ONLY, and guardians are asked to wait outside the entrance

We appreciate your cooperation before coming to ARCH:

  1. Check that the body temperature is below 37.5°C
  2. Bring your own mask and keep an extra one in the school bag
  3. Maintain personal hygiene
  4. Contact us for medical leaves

Please remember to follow the guidance of our staff to ensure a safe environment for all students. Stay healthy and we look forward to seeing our students back in our classrooms very soon!