ARCH Leadership Institute Summer Program: Vision to Action

Posted On 06.07.2020 | New Offerings

Every student can be a leader, but many are never given the appropriate training and preparation until later in life. We teach students the fundamentals of leadership so that they are primed to unlock their leadership potential.

Students will be challenged to get outside their comfort zone and tackle tough leadership questions, both independently and in small group discussions under the guidance of ARCH mentors. Through reflective exercises, fun games and dynamic activities, students will learn critical skills like self-awareness, confidence, teamwork, and problem-solving.

By the end of the program, students will synthesize the lessons they have learned in a group project. Students will express their vision by identifying something that they are passionate about, work with their team to develop a strategy, make a proposal, pitch their proposal to professionals and make a commitment to take action on their idea. No matter where a student is on their leadership development journey, our goal is for every student to graduate from this program with the tools to be an impactful leader at their school and in their community. We will end the program with practical and concrete tips on how leadership in school works: what leadership roles are the most well-respected, how to maintain longevity and consistency in activities, how to build relationships with teachers/coaches, etc.

Date: Aug 3-8 (6 lessons)
Time: 2:00-5:30pm
Target Students: Rising G9 & G10
Fee: HK$13,000
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