Posted On 27.11.2017 | New Offerings

The program aims to enrich students’ language foundation through cultural learning and interactive activities, as well as to equip students for their transition to IBDP from a young age. This comprehensive course will enhance students’ listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.


FOUNDATION (ages 7-8)

Who am I? Who are you? Students would learn about identity, friendship and family through playing games and singing cultural songs.  

JUNIOR (ages 9-10)

Imagine you are wandering alone through a deserted forest, how would you survive? Students will learn Chinese through idioms, stories and prose. 

INTERMEDIATE (ages 11-12)

How are celebrities projected on television through media and technology? We will explore the environment, society and the globe through reading the news extensively.

ADVANCED (ages 13-14)

Have you ever gone on a spontaneous solo trip? What is the life of a nomad like? Through group class activities, students will master different styles of writing and analyzing literary texts. 


Available in both Language A & B, Higher and Standard Level, students will be well prepared for the IBDP internal and external exams.

IBDP CHINESE (Grades11-12)

With extensive practice in past papers, students will improve their core skills, exam tactics and become familiar with the marking scheme.