Interview Workshop: Non-Verbal Communication Skills

Posted On 07.08.2020 | New Offerings

Preparing for university or boarding school interviews? Did you know that 85% of what someone takes away from a conversation is based on non-verbal communication, including facial expressions, body language and other mannerisms?

Our 2-hour workshop, run by The Silent Company, will cover do’s and don’ts for in-person and virtual interviews through practical exercises, which will help you build a positive connection with the interviewer, appear confident and reduce stress. Apply now to best prepare for your university and boarding school interviews!
Ms. Kiki Wong, Founder of The Silent Company, is a forensic expert who trained at New Scotland Yard, London. She led the team in one of the highest profile forgery cases where over US$10 billion was challenged.  She is also a body language and micro facial expressions specialist.

Date & Time:   Aug 22 (Sat) | 10:30am - 12:30pm
Format: Virtual Workshop
Target Students: Students aged 14 - 18
Instructors: Ms. Kiki Wong
Founder of The Silent Company
Mr. Anthony Tsang
Director of The Silent Company
Fee: HK$1,000