Last Minute Exam Prep Courses

Posted On 27.02.2018 | New Offerings

ARCH’s Last Minute Exam Prep Courses are provided by experienced tutors and subject specialists. Students will have extensive review and practice on core topics. Sign up for the intensive courses from March to April and prepare for your exams now!

Partial results from our students last year:
  • IBDP: 84% of our students got 7 or 6 
  • AP: 89% of our students got 5 or 4 
  • GCE ALevel: 82% of our students got A* or A
All courses are designed by official examiners. Private lessons are also available. 

US Test Prep (Boot Camps) 
ACT | SAT Reasoning | SAT Subject Test

Exam Drilling Courses 
Subjects: English, Economics, History, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics

IB Revision Course 
• Course Date: March 30 - April 2 
• Biology: 10:00 – 12:00
• Chemistry: 12:00 – 14:00
• Physics: 14:00 – 16:00

Download leaflet here

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"There were many useful materials for me to get familiar with SAT. The tutor was able to provide clear explanation and extra knowledge. I have made great improvement on my score!" 
- G.W., SAT score of 1530 

“The experienced tutors provided useful tactics to reach high score. I got to practise a lot and utilize the formula in different test questions.” 
- S.C., IBDP Math score of 7 

“My weakness is the essay part in Economics. The tutor helped me a lot on grading my paper. His constant feedback  assisted me to achieve a better score.” 
- T.Y., IBDP Econ score of 7