New award for ARCH students - "Student of the Month"!

Posted On 15.05.2015 | New Offerings

We are excited to announce that we have started a new award for ARCH students! Each month our teachers will select a student from each of our courses (Socrates, Critical Reading, Writing, Mock Trial, Common Entrance and US Test Prep) to be the Students of the Month!

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This term in Socrates Junior 2, students have engaged in an array of topical issues sparking reflection, perceptive questions and lively debate. We’ve linked social well-being to transportation, praised and criticised the birth of space tourism, asked whether prisoners have a right to education and debated the solution to poverty in Africa: Aid or Trade? As the term draws to a close, it is incredibly rewarding to see how far all students have come in building their confidence, honing their critical thinking skills and structuring their ideas both in speech and on paper.

Our “Think” student of the month, across all Socrates classes, is Kate Sin for her positive attitude, contributions in class and outstanding essay this term. On responding to the question “China should invest in Space Exploration”, Kate identified the pros and cons; weighing up the impact it would have on China’s reputation, the social and political consequences of potential failure, and the areas where money could be better spent. In class, Kate demonstrates the foundational skills of a great thinker: listening and reflecting before composing her thoughts to offer to the rest of the class. Well Done Kate!!

In Critical Reading Literature this month, we have been completing one text, Stuart Little and have started a new one, The Fastest Boy in the World. We’ve been continuing to build upon a foundation of key skills such as inference, use of context and Point, Evidence, Explain structured answers. 

Ronny Chan has been chosen as my student of the month because I have witnessed in him a tremendously positive attitude and a strong personality. Despite struggling in Critical Reading, he has refused to give up and instead has put in even more effort. It is a pleasure to see that his efforts are starting to pay dividends and he is going from strength to strength! Well done!

In Writing Intermediate, we have been practicing narrative and argumentative essays. Writing skills such as imagery and vivid vocabulary were reinforced throughout the term. Different tones, such as satire and humour were taught and used in essays. Essays are written and rewritten multiple times to train students on the importance of draft revision until the purpose and target of essays have been met. The text types of the course are varied, ranging from narrative essays to problem-solution essays; from movie reviews to pet-peeve and satirical essays.

Bernice Chau has showed consistent improvement throughout the course. Although she started out quite weak, her persistence and hard work has brought great improvements in her work. She has improved in terms of vocabulary, writing style and coherence of ideas. She readily asks questions in class, clarifies ideas she is unsure of and shows initiative in learning.

This month, the students in our Advanced Mock Trial course have been focusing on putting together all of the pieces for one of our in-class Mock Trials. This month’s case sees students building direct and cross examinations to get to the bottom of why a police officer struck the owner of a local restaurant – self-defense, or police brutality? The students get to put all of the skills they’ve been practicing – from character development to objection battles – to the test.

Sam Peza was chosen as this month’s ‘Speak’ Student of the Month for her excellent performance inside and out of the classroom. In class, she is a leader on her team as they prepare for the case, and her work ethic and talent when it comes to creating characters is unmatched. Sam also acted as a student ambassador to the Hong Kong Inter-School Mock Trial Championship, helping to run the largest mock trial competition in Hong Kong, and doing a brilliant job of making sure things run smoothly. Congratulations to Sam!

Throughout the semester of the SSAT course, we have focused on preparation for the examination through vocabulary, reading comprehension, and key mathematical concepts tested on the SSAT. In order to build upon students’ vocabulary, not only do we review the words most common to the SSAT, we also focus on the study of Latin Roots. We have prepared for the reading component of the SSAT by examining the main ideas, structures, and tones of passages so that students may absorb the information more quickly during a limited period of time. So that every student is prepared for the mathematics component of the SSAT, we review a new topic each week to ensure that there are no gaps of knowledge within each student’s foundation.

Megan Liew has been awarded Student of the Month for US Test Preparation because of her outstanding effort. Throughout the course, Megan has demonstrated her commitment and willingness to work for her goals by putting in extra effort for each assignment. In her vocabulary assignments, rather than simply guessing the synonyms for words she did not know, she made sure to look up each and every word she encountered so as to build upon her vocabulary base each week. Having internalized strategies for the analysis of analogies and reading passages, Megan showed a growing understanding of the relationships between words and of the main ideas behind passages. Lastly, Megan has always come to class prepared to take notes concerning her weaknesses. For her initiative and independence, Megan has been awarded Student of the Month.

In CE 13+ we have been exploring part two of the course, paying close attention to the skills required at examination for comprehension and composition. In comprehension we have looked at how writer’s techniques such as personification and metaphor can be used to enhance meaning; we have explored how the narrative perspective can affect a story and our understanding of the different characters; we also looked at the effect of setting on the plot. In composition we have worked on using the 5 senses in descriptive writing and characterization, setting narrative perspective in creative writing.

Ethan Hurip has consistently performed at a high level in class, for homework assignments and in assessments. He has shown steady improvement and is always able to demonstrate new skills in his reading and writing assignments. He has gone above and beyond what is required in terms of effort and he is always keen to engage in class discussions and analyses of texts. His writing has matured considerably and it’s great to see him constantly looking for new areas to improve upon. Well done Ethan, keep up the good work! 