New Launch: Debate Program

Posted On 28.08.2018 | New Offerings

Debating as an academic activity aims to enrich the minds of students with very tangible outcomes. Students who have undergone debating classes are more articulate, confident and logical in speaking. Taught by Debate Coach & Selector of Hong Kong Debate Team, the program aims to introduce and consolidate skills which are required to excel at debating. Students will be equipped to become well informed and confident speakers.

Students who have exemplary performance in the debate class will be selected to form the ARCH Debate Team. The team will participate in debate tournaments in Hong Kong and overseas, such as The Kyushu Cup in Fukuoka, The Thailand Debate Open in Bangkok and The Debate Open in Hong Kong*.

*This is not an exhaustive nor guaranteed list as tournaments may change from year to year.

DEBATE BEGINNER (ages 11-12)

The junior class is designed to ease students into the world of debate with interactive group work and constant feedbacks from our debate coach. The perfect gateway to enable your child to start thinking and speaking like a pro!


Why should we care about the environment? Does it really matter if pandas go extinct? Using an interactive group discussion model of education, students will delve into topics that are removed from their lives to maximize their world view and get them thinking about local and global issues.


This class will be less instructional and more feedback based, as students get to try their hand at making full speeches and analyzing issues in motions found in debate tournaments from all over Asia and beyond. After joining this class, your child will be able to present both sides of argument! 

Spring Term 2019 Term Schedule Duration
From Jan 12 to Jun 1 19 lessons
1 lesson per week

1.5 to 2 hours per lesson
(dependent on level)