New Launch: Debate Program 2018

Posted On 28.08.2018 | New Offerings

Debating as an academic activity aims to enrich the minds of students with very tangible outcomes. Students who have undergone debating classes are more articulate, confident and logical in speaking. Taught by Debate Coach & Selector of Hong Kong Debate Team, the program aims to introduce and consolidate skills which are required to excel at debating. Students will be equipped to become well informed and confident speakers.

Students who have exemplary performance in the debate class will be selected to form the ARCH Debate Team. The team will participate in debate tournaments in Hong Kong and overseas, such as The Kyushu Cup in Fukuoka, The Thailand Debate Open in Bangkok and The Debate Open in Hong Kong*.

*This is not an exhaustive nor guaranteed list as tournaments may change from year to year.

DEBATE LEVEL 1 (ages 11-12)

Students will be comfortable discussing their point of view in a controversial issue that is relevant to their lives, crawl under the skin of a character. By learning the basics of argumentation, rebuttal and debate structure, students will present their arguments in a way that both engages and convinces the adjudicator and audience. They will learn by practicing and discussing with their classmates on issues such as the use of electronics in schools or whether student councils should be elected or chosen by teachers. 

DEBATE LEVEL 2 (ages 13-14)

Students will broaden their world view and present arguments that they might not personally believe in, but would be able to 'sell' to an audience. By using enhanced skills of rhetoric and advocacy, students will learn the art of truly persuasive speaking while working in a team unit. These skills will prepare them to join and be successful in tournaments with their school teams or in open tournaments. 

DEBATE LEVEL 3 (age 15+)

Students will learn and discuss advanced topics that are completely removed from their personal lives. From discussing how American elections may affect the drug trade in Latin America to considering the micro effects of a great shock such as Brexit, this class is for the elite student that wishes to have an informed opinion on global affairs as well as be able to consider ramifications of policies. The course will be unique in that the debates will be on issues that are currently going on in the world, which will force the students to be well read - and in turn, make them well spoken. 

Fall Term 2018 Term Schedule Duration
From Sep 8 to Dec 15 11 lessons
1 lesson per week

1.5 to 2 hours per lesson
(dependent on level)