Relaunch: Socrates Program (for ages 9-14)

Posted On 25.04.2019 | New Offerings

Our flagship program Socrates aims to instill in students the key transferable skills and intellectual tools necessary for effective lifelong learning.

Mastering the critical and lateral thinking capability will prepare students for the intense self-study and research of the IB, the in depth investigation of A Levels and the current affairs analysis for DSE Liberal Studies.

Our summer edition this year will be led by the ARCH founder Jennifer Ma and our Education Services Director, Albert Ma, himself a national debater; and we welcome parent participation on the last day of the one week course!

Socrates Level 1 (ages 9-11)
Be inspired by your surroundings! The ability to seek higher level relations in your daily observations is pivotal in encouraging young learners to think out of the box! Let’s go beyond clothes and fashion, MTR and public transportation, and explore how these luxuries we take for granted can be linked to wider social issues such as poverty, human rights and more!

Socrates Level 2 (ages 12-14)
Civil wars in the Middle East, hate crimes in the US, terrorist attacks that threaten the world – these tragedies are featured daily on the news, yet they seem to be distant problems to our Hong Kong teens. How might every one of us global citizens be responsible for world events, be it directly or indirectly? Join us to explore the “relate the unrelated” realities of life!

Summer Term 2019 Term Schedule Duration
From Jun 17 to Jul 26 1 week for 5 lessons 2 hours per lesson

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