Cambridge IB Eng Lit/Lang Bridging Programme

Rated 10 out of 10 by students - the Cambridge IB English Literature & Language Bridging Programme is the only onsite-Webinar programme in Hong Kong delivered live by Cambridge professors and led by top English instructor!

The Cambridge IB English Language and Literature Bridging Program is taught by in-house instructor Lucy Garner and led by two Cambridge academics, Dr Karen Ottewell and Dr Clare Lynch. Lessons will take place both on-site and over two online seminars, during which students will be taught on all four parts of the IB English Language and Literature curriculum:

  • Language in Cultural Context
  • Language and Mass Communication
  • Literature: Texts and Contexts
  • Literature: Critical Study

Guided by the instructors, the students will focus on themes, skills and topics ranging from the history of English, the relationship between dialect, culture, identity and power, literary movements and criticism, literary devices and close reading etc. At the end of the course, students will have completed multiple written essays that they may choose to adapt and use for Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL) assessment tasks.

This is an academically rigorous program for high-achievers and students who want that extra ‘edge’ in their study of English Language and Literature. Those who would like a taste of Oxbridge learning and top level humanities instruction will find much to benefit from the course.

"I am really amazed by the conciseness and precision of the instructors’ analysis! [Prior to this lesson], I had never thought it possible for the characteristics of language to be summed up in such clear expression. The webinar on high-context and low-context English really helped me with the IB English assignments at school. "
Cambridge IB Eng Lit/Lang Bridging Programme
"The course is really well structured, especially on the topics. The level of relevance and difficulty is in ascending order, which students can catch up the progress easily. The course provides a lot of writing exercises and this helps students to polish their skills. I also learned to be more confident and steady on speaking in front of peers and teachers.  "
Cambridge IB Eng Lit/Lang Bridging Programme
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