2016/17 UK | US University Admissions Results

Posted On 06.04.2017 | Arch Sharing

ARCH Admissions Counseling Team is very proud to guide our students to achieve record breaking UK/US admissions results!

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How to Deal with Interview Nerves

Posted On 11.10.2017
Since time immemorial, mankind has had certain chemical and biological processes hardwired into our bodies.   When we feel fear, our levels of cortisol and adrenaline skyrocket while bloodflow decr
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Oct 17

RSVP: Top US STEM Boarding School in Hawaii 

Posted On 09.10.2017 | Events
Established in 1863, and located in Honolulu, Hawaii, 'Iolani School is a culturally diverse, co-educational, college preparatory school for over 1900 students in grades K-12 founded upon Christian
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Tips to Prepare for a Successful Transition from High School to US University: Part I

Posted On 27.07.2017
After having been accepted to a US university or college, you are likely spending much of the summer before your freshman year preparing to enter university or college in the United States. For some, this may mean enjoying time with family and friends; others may be getting ahead with some of their studies or attending a pre-college summer camp. Regardless of what you are doing individually, most of you are probably feeling pretty excited — and also probably a little apprehensive. What will my classes be like?  Will I get along with my roommate? How will I make friends? The transition from high school to college is a huge step and being nervous about this transition is completely normal. Don’t worry, to some degree every high school student experiences pre-college fears.
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Tips to Prepare for a Successful Transition from High School to US University: Part II

Posted On 27.07.2017
Some students, particularly those who have attended a US boarding school, arrive at a US University prepared for the challenges that lie ahead and may not notice a huge difference between their boarding and college experiences. They have essentially had a pre-college experience at boarding school, where they learned to live independently, manage their time, and achieve academic success. For others, the difference may take some time to get used to.
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Tips to Prepare for a Successful Transition from High School to US University: Part III

Posted On 27.07.2017
Time Management and Sleep Patterns: Generally, high schools students can’t wait for college because they think it means freedom. Parents and teachers can’t tell them when to do their homework, they can go to bed when they want, do what they want, and hang out with whomever they want. This increase in choices and responsibilities is what can derail some freshman. College students must have the ability to organize and structure their time to prioritize their responsibilities.
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Aug 17

Oxbridge Insiders Day

Posted On 27.07.2017 | Events
“Oxbridge Insiders” is a one-day workshop that is run and delivered by the ARCH Oxbridge Consultation team, successful student alumni and current Oxbridge undergraduates.
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Jul 17

RSVP: Global Aspiring Medic Conference 2017

Posted On 29.05.2017 | Events
With Keynote Speakers including deans, medical professors, researchers and practitioners from top global institutes, and more than 300 participating students, the GAMC is the largest student medic conference in Asia.
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