ARCH Pathway Series #1: Local vs International vs Boarding School


Which system suits your child best?

Ideal for children ages 7-16
Some of the most common questions we receive from parents:

•             Which type of school will best support my child in his/her pursuit to top UK / US universities?
•             If I were to switch school (local to international; or to boarding school), when would be the right time? How to prepare for it?
•             Does my child have to leave for boarding school to increase his/her chance of getting into a top overseas university?

The answer, as always, is 'It depends on YOUR child.'
Join us for case studies highlighting key considerations and for objective advice by our school and university consultants.

From our extensive experience working with students from different backgrounds looking to achieve their respective aspirations - we always encourage families to plan early to maximize options!

May 6 (Sun)
12:30 - 14:00
ARCH Education