Webinar RSVP: AIM HIGHER with the Right Subject Choice


Choosing the right subject for a UK university course is becoming increasingly important as competition intensifies. With a growing number of top institutions such as Oxbridge and London universities seeking academic interest beyond the UCAS application, students are being challenged to demonstrate in depth knowledge and passion for their chosen subject.

Join our team of Oxbridge UK consultants to explore the diversity of subject areas and receive expert insight into the paths available when navigating the admissions process. To obtain successful opportunities for higher education specifically suited for your child, points to be discussed will include: 

  • Key subject areas: Law, Medicine, Physical Sciences, Social Sciences
  • Beyond curriculum: Specific academic enhancements for subject choice
  • Admissions details & timeline: Strategic planning, personal & additional Cambridge statements
  • Competitive edge: Aptitude tests, interview preparations & MMI
Date: Jul 13 (Mon)
Time: 6:00 - 7:30pm
Speakers: Ms. Ruby Fu
Assistant Director of UK Admissions 
Dr. Angus Hsu
UK University Admissions Consultant (Medicine)
Webinar Channel:

(please note that the event is changed to webinar format instead of onsite seminar. Participants will receive the webinar link after registration.) 

RSVP: https://bit.ly/3fbca4u