Enrichment Programs

Hone your skills and enhance your knowledge!

ARCH offers an array of enrichment programs to enhance students’ ability to THINK, SPEAK, READ & WRITE.

Our exciting and engaging courses are created by talented, experienced educators in-house and all our programs are delivered by qualified teachers from top US and UK universities, including Ivy League and Oxbridge graduates. Come and dive in to a love of learning at ARCH. 

The Programs

Socrates is our flagship program which aims to instill key transferrable skills in students who wish to excel in the IB, as well as those looking to transition from local to international and boarding schools. 

The program enhances students’ critical, lateral and thought structuring skills; as well as developing a full range of learning modalities including research, synthesis and presentation skills. Top schools, universities and employers are looking for worldly individuals who can reference information and develop their own ideas when faced with open-ended challenges. Through engaging in discussions, debates, and task simulations, Socrates gives students the skills and the confidence to tackle such challenges in a holistic and creative way.  Contents include current affairs exposure and a critical understanding of everyday phenomena. 

FOUNDATION (ages 9-10) 
Are you choosing your hobbies or are they choosing you? Pull back the clever veil of branding and explore the controversies of various video games, sports, toys and their advertising campaigns.
Course Projects Include: Create and pitch your own advertising campaign for a product or hobby of your choice!


JUNIOR (ages11-12)
Open both your eyes and minds with ARCH as we delve deep into everyday controversies. Create and justify arguments about issues like representations of women in the media, clothing and education.
Course Projects Include: Pick a controversy and justify your point of view! Convince us with your views on how the world should change. 


INTERMEDIATE (ages 13-14)
East and West! How does one affect the other? Travel with us as we move through China, Russia and the Middle East. From the One Child Policy to weapons trading, we’ll be sure to have your attention. 
Course Projects Include: Relate the Unrelated! Challenge yourself to connect the dots between historical events and trending themes today.

ADVANCED (ages 15+)
Arm yourself with critical thinking skills and unravel a range of crises facing our world today. From the Brexit vote to censorship, corruption and inequality across the world; how do these global issues affect you day-to-day?
Course Projects Include: MUN! Take an issue, pick a country and construct your best argument to impress at our MUN session.


*Socrates Programs are not available for this term. Please stay tuned for latest update.

Public Speaking and Debate Programs focus on improving students’ communication skills at different levels. 


In three different units, students will improve their public speaking skills in an original setting: Arch BroadCasting (ABC). Through engaging projects, such as presenting the news, being interviewed like a celebrity and narrating an event, students will learn how to control their voices and use body language to express themselves.




Set ‘Inside the Board Room’, students will be challenged to brainstorm ideas, persuade each other and explain their thoughts clearly. Through different activities they will learn how to control their pace, fluency and intonation. Besides, they will practice the use of body language more naturally.

DEBATE BEGINNER (ages 11-12)

The junior class is designed to ease students into the world of debate with interactive group work and constant feedbacks from our debate coach. The perfect gateway to enable your child to start thinking and speaking like a pro!


Why should we care about the environment? Does it really matter if pandas go extinct? Using an interactive group discussion model of education, students will delve into topics that are removed from their lives to maximize their world view and get them thinking about local and global issues.


This class will be less instructional and more feedback based, as students get to try their hand at making full speeches and analyzing issues in motions found in debate tournaments from all over Asia and beyond. After joining this class, your child will be able to present both sides of argument! 

Students who have exemplary performance in the debate course will be selected to form the "ARCH Debate Team". The team will participate in debate tournaments in Hong Kong and overseas, such as The Kyushu Cup in Fukuoka, The Thailand Debate Open in Bangkok and The Debate Open in Hong Kong*.

*This is not an exhaustive nor guaranteed list as tournaments may change from year to year.


Spring Term 2019 Term Schedule Duration

Public Speaking: 

From Jan 7 to May 31


From Jan 12 to Jun 1

Public Speaking:19 lessons
1 lesson per week

Debate:19 lessons
1 lesson per week

1.5 to 2 hours per lesson
(dependent on level)



Our Critical Reading program guides students to develop stronger transferable skills in analysing literary texts. Perfect for all who wish to develop and build on a love of literature whilst strengthening their skills of analysis!

FOUNDATION (ages 7-8)
Jump into the rabbit hole with us as we read the classic fantasy novels “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Wizard of Oz”, and “Don Quixote” while learning about what makes a great fantasy narrative. Join us along the yellow brick road!
JUNIOR (ages 9-10)
Laugh and learn as we read the hilarious “There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom” and the charming “The Year of the Dog” in class. Growing up is a learning experience, but it can also be an enjoyable journey.
INTERMEDIATE (ages 11-12)
Have you ever wondered the difference between right and wrong? This term we will discuss morality as we read the acclaimed contemporary novel “Trash” along with J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic “The Hobbit”. Together, let’s see which characters do the right thing.

ADVANCED (ages 13+)

What is Utopia and Dystopia? And how can we make the best possible society for everyone? In our Advanced class, we’ll discuss the differences between these two ideas while reading the classics: “Animal Farm” and “The Lord of the Flies”.

Spring Term 2019 Term Schedule Duration
From Jan 7 to Jun 1 19 lessons
1 lesson per week

1.5 to 2 hours per lesson
(dependent on level)

Our writing program helps students to develop a variety of writing styles and to write with greater fluidity.

Students are exposed to the four types of writing which include descriptive, persuasive, narrative and expository. These are explored through analyzing texts and in-class practice. Submodules focus on key skills that are required for the writing tasks and built on prior knowledge. Grammar and editing activities are incorporated to ensure students improve their technical accuracy.

FOUNDATION (ages 7-8)

Imagine a world where all your favorite animals are living together in one place. In Foundation Writing, we will be creating an expository report on the animals, as well as our own Fantasy story! You are in control of your story. Come along for the fun!

JUNIOR (ages 9-10)

In writing junior, you will learn how to be as descriptive as a poet while creating your own descriptive poem! Then you will have a chance to write about one of your own family traditions that is unique to you.

INTERMEDIATE (ages 11-12)

Life is filled with difficult decisions and sometimes it’s tough to make the right choice. In Intermediate Writing, we will consider some moral dilemmas through comparative writing, then choose a side and try to persuade others which is best. Get ready to hone your
argumentative skills in our spring course!

ADVANCED (ages 13+)

Ever want to be a journalist? In Advanced Writing, we will be creating our very own newspaper, filled with factual articles, editorials and reviews, and even our very own advertisements. So get ready to find a lead and get the scoop this term in class!


Spring Term 2019 Term Schedule Duration
From Jan 7 to Jun 1 19 lessons
1 lesson per week

1.5 to 2 hours per lesson
(dependent on level)

"This is not only 'thinking outside the box' but also making relationships between events, elaboration and judgemental skills.These skills will not only help with my studies but with the rest of my life! These topics are surely not taught at school. "
CIS, Year 11, Socrates
"I learned a lot of different kinds of writing and lots of techniques that I haven't developed before. The course is awesome! I liked learning with friends and the teacher was very confident and nice. I loved being in this lovely environment.  "
(Writing Junior)
"I have developed how to read between the lines, infering hidden messages or themes and voicing out opinions and thoughts. I enjoyed discussing the books with my classmates. "
SPCC, Form 3, Critical Reading
"I have learnt about how to organize my writing and mostly about precision. My vocabulary choice improved a lot after this course. I enjoy writing essays and hearing what other classmates have to say about my essay. "
CIS, Year 8, Writing
"I like how we were given quizes in between the modules to see if we truly knew the meaning. I learned how to write feature articles, blogs and literary pieces and I also learnt more about writing personal statements and the differences and aspects between the US and UK applications.  "
(Writing Advanced)
"In secondary school, there will be liberal studies and the Socrates Program has helped me to think. It has aroused my interest in debates and helped me improve my rebuttal skills. "
DGS, Primary 6, Socrates
"I enjoyed the short free time during the teacher’s judging, because we continued to arguing with each other even when the debate was over. We learnt about a lot of court etiquettes and how to crack the oppositions’ case. "
DGS, Year 9, Debate
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