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Hone your skills and enhance your knowledge!

ARCH offers an array of enrichment programs to enhance students’ abilities to THINK, SPEAK, READ & WRITE.

Our exciting and engaging courses are created by talented, experienced in-house educators and all our programs are delivered by qualified teachers from top US and UK universities, including Ivy League and Oxbridge graduates. Come and dive in to a love of learning at ARCH. 


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The Programs

Our flagship program Socrates aims to instill in students the key transferable skills and intellectual tools necessary for effective lifelong learning. Mastering the critical and lateral thinking capability will prepare students for their transition from local to international schools, the intense research of IB, the in depth investigation of A Levels and the current affairs analysis for DSE Liberal Studies. 

The program enhances students’ critical, lateral and thought structuring skills; as well as developing a full range of learning modalities including research, synthesis and presentation skills. Top schools, universities and employers are looking for worldly individuals who can reference information and develop their own ideas when faced with open-ended challenges. Through engaging in discussions, debates, and task simulations, Socrates gives students the skills and the confidence to tackle such challenges in a holistic and creative way.  Contents include current affairs exposure and a critical understanding of everyday phenomena. 

SOCRATES LEVEL 1 (ages 9-11) 



Why are most planes white (give 5 reasons)? Why is globesity hard to tackle? Why is sports "political"?  


Questioning, Critical Thinking, Essay writing, Improv presentation, Debate, MUN, Model Presidential Elections


Through group discussions, we uncover the deeper meanings of daily life and discover the social and moral foundations of our modern society. We enourage students to observe their surroundings and generate thought-provoking questions.

SOCRATES LEVEL 2 (ages 12-14)



Has UN caused the world to be more or less peaceful? Should we provide aid to developing countries? 


Questioning, Critical Thinking, Essay writing, Improv presentation, Debate, MUN, Model Presidential Elections


Exposed to international relations current affair topics, students are guided to empathise with and analyse different stakeholders' perspectives. We hope to nurture critical thinkers who can apply such knowledge and skills at school, in pre-university aptitude tests, and in life.

Our Public Speaking and Debate Programs focus on communication skills and advocacy techniques that empower students to articulate themselves with confidence.

Our programs are led by the Debate Coach & Selector of the Hong Kong Debate Team, Sandeep Chulani, and the Captain of the HKU Debate Team and first Worlds (WUDC) final rounds debater from Hong Kong, Albert Ma. Both have had strong track record in coaching students for international competitions, including World Schools and BPDC.


Theme: Speaking to the World

Speaking Skills: Fluency, Intonation, Structure

Common Skills: Gestures, Stage Presence, Speaker Styles

Description: From holiday celebrations to harrowing rainstorms, prepare and produce a news broadcast, followed by a live interview to explore famous lives. Then learn the skills to narrate documentaries to inform and move people.


Theme: Advocacy and Conviction

Speaking Skills:  Argument, Stage Presence, Speaker Styles

Common Skills: Gestures, Posture, Articulation

Descriptions: Speaking with distinction, preparing speeches to rouse spirits and awareness on important social issues. Carry that conviction to formulate proposal presentations to improve the circumstances. Create consensus with discussions and debate to find the best solutions

DEBATE LEVEL 1 (ages 11-12)

Skills: Research and Current Affairs, Argumentation and Theories, Team Strategies

Description: The entry level debate class introduces the world of debate to budding speakers through interactive group work and constant feedback from coaches. A combination of spoken and written practices will ignite your child’s ability to think critically about what matters.

DEBATE LEVEL 2 (ages 13-14)

Skills: Points of Information, Role Fulfilment, Public Policy Analysis

Description: Formal debate skills are honed to shape orators at this stage. Through peer brainstorming and technical exercises, our coaches will guide students through frameworks of analysis that would enable them to delve into local and global issues that otherwise may seem abstract and disconnected.

DEBATE LEVEL 3 (age 15+)

Skills: Advanced Research,  British Parliamentary Style, Competition preparation

Description: 4 competing teams in a round, live-fire interjection during a speech, sharp questions from the floor. Aspiring debaters joining this course will be trained through series of tournament level debate motions to develop the competence to analyze, compose and deliver full speeches at the standard of regional tournaments.


With a dedicated team of trainers, ARCH will invite committed debaters to join the ARCH team in experiential expeditions to overseas tournaments in the region and beyond. This will broaden the learning horizon of our students and expose them to a competitive environment that will challenge them to strive and grow. Our debaters have had great successes with Oxford Schools and Asian Schools tournaments and we look forward to welcoming more keen and talented debaters to join!

Upcoming tournaments:

  • Hong Kong Debate Open
  • Worlds University Pre Tournament Open
  • Thailand Debate Open
  • Asia World Schools Debate Championship
  • Kyushu Debate Open


Our Critical Reading program guides students to develop stronger transferable skills in analysing literary texts. Perfect for all who wish to develop and build on a love of literature whilst strengthening their analysis skills!


Theme: Magic & Wonderment

Skills: Character Development, Sensory Details & Comparison, Plot and Conflict

Description: Reading opens up new worlds of fantasy and imagination. To stimulate young minds to discover their love for books and appetite for deeper reading of the classics, we guide students through the adventures of The Enchanted Castle and the Sorcerer's Apprentice by Judith Nesbit and Johann von Goethe. Our road of fantasy shall end with yellow bricks in the Wizard of Oz by  L. Frank Baum.

READING JUNIOR (ages 9-10)

Theme: Transformation

Skills: Alliteration, Setting & Mood, Personification

Description: Through the creative geniuses of British authors Roald Dahl and C.S. Lewis, we follow the stories of youths discovering the their own identities in the changing world around them. Through the adventures in James and the Giant Peach and The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe, we look at the power of words to create worlds.


Theme: Society and Individuals

Skills: Symbolism,Theme & Setting, Motif

Description: With the thought-provoking work of Walter Dean Myers and S.E. Hinton, we explore the struggles of formative youths as they grapple with the questions of morality in The Outsiders and burden of responsibilities to friends and family in Scorpions.  Guiding budding young minds through the challenging times of growing up in a society in flux.


Theme: Gothic Fantasy & Fiction

Skills: Semantic Field, Foreshadowing, Pathetic Fallacy

Description: As young adults develop a more sophisticated appreciation of literature, we read the preeminent works of Susan Hill, Henry James and Horace Walpole. Through the intrigue of Woman in Black, the series of unfortunate events in The Turn of the Screw and the mysterious curse of The Castle of Otranto, we analyse the writing techniques used to bring surreal events to life.


Our writing program helps students to develop a variety of writing styles and to write with greater fluidity. Writing projects will hone their grammatical command of the language while enhancing their confidence in structuring their thoughts and ideas for prospective readers.


Theme: Around the Globe

Grammer Skills: Present Continuous, Modifiers, Point Evidence Explain

Language Skills: Point Evidence Explain, Imagery, Alliteration

Description: Travel the world with your imagination and write short stories to capture the action and emotions. Author informational leaflets to capture the uniqueness of landmarks and write advertisements that would persuade tourists to visit for an unforgettable experience

WRITING JUNIOR (ages 9-10)

Theme: The Changing World

Grammer Skills: Past Perfect, Conditionals, Connectives

Language Skills: Tone & Mood, Dramatic Irony, Rhetorical Questions

Description: Write a broadcast news report to tell the story of our fast changing world and paint a vivid story for your audience with a monologue of your experiences. Concluding our exploration with your very own radio commercial to excite the audience.


Theme: Society and Individuals

Grammer Skills: Modals, Dependent & Independent Clauses,Punctuations

Language Skills: Diction, Setting & Suspense, Formal writing

Description: Discovering our place in the community by recording your thoughts in expository blogs and analysing allegory and films with your own reviews. Explore the depths of imagined worlds with short stories of suspense.


Theme: Land of Tomorrow

Grammer Skills: Phrasal verbs, Relative pronouns, Advanced modifiers

Language Skills: Hyophora & Anaphora, Foreshadowing,Polysyndeton

Description: As our world evolves, share your vision of what is to come with a persuasive speech. Create a new world with your imagination in a science fiction story and learn to direct public discussion and opinions with propaganda articles and posters.

"This is not only 'thinking outside the box' but also making relationships between events, elaboration and judgemental skills.These skills will not only help with my studies but with the rest of my life! These topics are surely not taught at school. "
CIS, Year 11, Socrates
"I learned a lot of different kinds of writing and lots of techniques that I haven't developed before. The course is awesome! I liked learning with friends and the teacher was very confident and nice. I loved being in this lovely environment.  "
(Writing Junior)
"I have developed how to read between the lines, infering hidden messages or themes and voicing out opinions and thoughts. I enjoyed discussing the books with my classmates. "
SPCC, Form 3, Critical Reading
"I have learnt about how to organize my writing and mostly about precision. My vocabulary choice improved a lot after this course. I enjoy writing essays and hearing what other classmates have to say about my essay. "
CIS, Year 8, Writing
"I like how we were given quizes in between the modules to see if we truly knew the meaning. I learned how to write feature articles, blogs and literary pieces and I also learnt more about writing personal statements and the differences and aspects between the US and UK applications.  "
(Writing Advanced)
"In secondary school, there will be liberal studies and the Socrates Program has helped me to think. It has aroused my interest in debates and helped me improve my rebuttal skills. "
DGS, Primary 6, Socrates
"I enjoyed the short free time during the teacher’s judging, because we continued to arguing with each other even when the debate was over. We learnt about a lot of court etiquettes and how to crack the oppositions’ case. "
DGS, Year 9, Debate
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