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Hone your skills and enhance your knowledge!

ARCH offers an array of enrichment programs to enhance students’ abilities to THINK, SPEAK, READ & WRITE.

Our exciting and engaging courses are created by talented, experienced in-house educators and all our programs are delivered by qualified teachers from top US and UK universities, including Ivy League and Oxbridge graduates. Come and dive in to a love of learning at ARCH. 

The Programs

Our flagship program Socrates aims to instill in students the key transferable skills and intellectual tools necessary for effective lifelong learning. Mastering the critical and lateral thinking capability will prepare students for their transition from local to international schools, the intense research of IB, the in depth investigation of A Levels and the current affairs analysis for DSE Liberal Studies. 

The program enhances students’ critical, lateral and thought structuring skills; as well as developing a full range of learning modalities including research, synthesis and presentation skills. Top schools, universities and employers are looking for worldly individuals who can reference information and develop their own ideas when faced with open-ended challenges. Through engaging in discussions, debates, and task simulations, Socrates gives students the skills and the confidence to tackle such challenges in a holistic and creative way.  Contents include current affairs exposure and a critical understanding of everyday phenomena. 


SOCRATES LEVEL 1 (ages 9-11) 

Be inspired by your surroundings! The ability to seek higher level relations in your daily observations is pivotal in encouraging young learners to think out of the box! Let’s go beyond clothes and fashion, animation and entertainment, and explore how these luxuries we take for granted can be linked to wider social issues such as religion, human rights and more!

SOCRATES LEVEL 2 (ages 12-14)

Trade War across the Pacific, organized crimes in the US, refugee crisis that confounds the world – these tragedies are featured daily on the news, yet they seem to be distant problems to our Hong Kong teens. How might every one of us global citizens be responsible for world events, be it directly or indirectly? Join us to explore the “relate the unrelated” realities of life!

*Our Fall Edition this year will be led by  ARCH co-founder Jennifer Ma and  Education Services Director, Albert Ma, himself a national debater; and we welcome parent participation on the last day of the one-week course!


FallTerm 2019 Term Schedule Duration
From Sep to Dec  5 weekly lessons

2 hours per lesson

Our Public Speaking and Debate Programs focus on communication skills and advocacy techniques that empower students to articulate themselves with confidence.

Our programs are led by the Debate Coach & Selector of the Hong Kong Debate Team, Sandeep Chulani, and the Captain of the HKU Debate Team and first Worlds (WUDC) final rounds debater from Hong Kong, Albert Ma. Both have had strong track record in coaching students for international competitions, including World Schools and BPDC.


In Public Speaking Junior, students will crawl under the skin of a character. By learning the basics of posture, volume, fluency, students will engage the audience and present interactively. They will improve their skills by presenting a monologue, followed by a personal story.


In Public Speaking Intermediate, students will become broadcasters. In the first unit, they will create a news broadcast and present news items and informative stories. Then, students will make an infomercial to persuade the audience to buy a product. In the process, they will learn the basics of posture, volume and tone.

DEBATE LEVEL 1 (ages 11-12)

The entry level debate class introduces the world of debate to budding speakers through interactive group work and constant feedback from coaches. A combination of spoken and written practices will ignite students’ abilities to think critically about what matters.

DEBATE LEVEL 2 (ages 13-14)

Formal debate skills are honed to shape orators at this stage. Through peer brainstorming and technical exercises, our coaches will guide students through frameworks of analysis that would enable them to delve into local and global issues that otherwise may seem abstract and disconnected.

DEBATE LEVEL 3 (age 15+)

Parliamentary debate, a predominant form of competitive academic debating, requires competing teams to deliver live-fire speeches and field sharp questions from the floor. Aspiring debaters joining this course will be trained through series of tournament level debate motions to develop the competence to analyse, compose and deliver full speeches at the standard of regional tournaments. 


With a dedicated team of trainers, ARCH will invite committed debaters to join the ARCH team in experiential expeditions to overseas tournaments in the region and beyond. This will broaden the learning horizon of our students and expose them to a competitive environment that will challenge them to strive and grow. Our debaters have had great successes with Oxford Schools and Asian Schools tournaments and we look forward to welcoming more keen and talented debaters to join!

Upcoming tournaments:

  • Hong Kong Debate Open
  • Worlds University Pre Tournament Open
  • Thailand Debate Open
  • Asia World Schools Debate Championship
  • Kyushu Debate Open



Fall Term 2019

Term Schedule Duration

From Sep to Dec

10 lessons
5 lessons per week

1.5 to 2 hours per lesson
(dependent on level)

Our Critical Reading program guides students to develop stronger transferable skills in analysing literary texts. Perfect for all who wish to develop and build on a love of literature whilst strengthening their analysis skills!


Fantasy and Nature
From Grimm’s Fairytales of The Secret Garden to the fabled Treasure Island, students will journey through the imagery landscapes in these classical works. Through wonderment and adventure, learn the literary skills to analyse the writing techniques used to bring dreams to life.

READING JUNIOR (ages 9-10)

Playing with Science
Delve into science fiction through the lens of the past and go through the mind binding Victorian Classics such as Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll. Students will see the future through the bold visions of Mary Shelley and Robert Stevenson and their mastery of fiction writing.


Survival and Growth
Step into survival mode and find hidden critical skills of text exploration! In this course students will discuss, interpret and analyse the enthralling themes of Survival and Growth through reading “Hatchet” and “A Single Shard”.


Maturity and Relationships
Intimate friendships, invaluable life lessons and self-defining moments: coming of age novels is  the key to understanding other cultures and perspectives. Students will be immersed in the literary style of Bildungsroman through “The House on Mango Street” and “The Kite Rider”.



Fall Term 2019

Term Schedule Duration

From Sep to Dec

10 lessons
5 lessons per week

1.5 to 2 hours per lesson
(dependent on level)


Our writing program helps students to develop a variety of writing styles and to write with greater fluidity. Writing projects will hone their grammatical command of the language while enhancing their confidence in structuring their thoughts and ideas for prospective readers.


Creators and Inventions
How to express creativity by looking at inventions and writing a poem of your own creation. Through the project, students juggle skills of tenses and metaphors in descriptive writing projects.

WRITING JUNIOR (ages 9-10)

Friendship without Borders
How to write expository pieces while capturing emotions using characterization. This term, students will grasp the skills of advance tenses and portraying different points of view through writing letters with a foreign pen pal and interviewing a notable person.


Suspense and Mysteries
Students will tackle personal narrative under a theme of intrigue and mystery. Creating mood and rich atmosphere through text by using skills of figurative speech and supporting by firm grasp of conditionals and modals to enhance the effects of their writings.


Investigations and Reporting
By mirroring investigative reporting, students will be writing feature length articles that enables effective use of combined tense and various perspective tones to convey and convince readers to issues of social importance.


Fall Term 2019

Term Schedule Duration

From Sep to Dec

10 lessons
5 lessons per week

1.5 to 2 hours per lesson
(dependent on level)

"This is not only 'thinking outside the box' but also making relationships between events, elaboration and judgemental skills.These skills will not only help with my studies but with the rest of my life! These topics are surely not taught at school. "
CIS, Year 11, Socrates
"I learned a lot of different kinds of writing and lots of techniques that I haven't developed before. The course is awesome! I liked learning with friends and the teacher was very confident and nice. I loved being in this lovely environment.  "
(Writing Junior)
"I have developed how to read between the lines, infering hidden messages or themes and voicing out opinions and thoughts. I enjoyed discussing the books with my classmates. "
SPCC, Form 3, Critical Reading
"I have learnt about how to organize my writing and mostly about precision. My vocabulary choice improved a lot after this course. I enjoy writing essays and hearing what other classmates have to say about my essay. "
CIS, Year 8, Writing
"I like how we were given quizes in between the modules to see if we truly knew the meaning. I learned how to write feature articles, blogs and literary pieces and I also learnt more about writing personal statements and the differences and aspects between the US and UK applications.  "
(Writing Advanced)
"In secondary school, there will be liberal studies and the Socrates Program has helped me to think. It has aroused my interest in debates and helped me improve my rebuttal skills. "
DGS, Primary 6, Socrates
"I enjoyed the short free time during the teacher’s judging, because we continued to arguing with each other even when the debate was over. We learnt about a lot of court etiquettes and how to crack the oppositions’ case. "
DGS, Year 9, Debate
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